Founded in 2017, TeensGiv is a registered 501 (c) 3 foundation. We support children who have serious chronic medical conditions and the families of these children.  We provide our time, effort, assistance and financial support to make better the lives of these special children.  We work with families in Fairfield and Westchester county.

We recognize the strains that are placed on the families who have children with serious chronic medical conditions. We are here to help financially and in any other ways possible.
— Founders of TeensGiv

What We Support

  • Children who need medical services they cant affford
  • Children in need of specialized medical equipment
  • Children who need funding for medical surgeries
  • Children who need specialized therapy services
  • Cost of living expenses related to a medical financial need
  • Children who need in home medical services 
  • Families that need changes to their home to accommodate medical needs of children
  • Funding for vehicles for children in need of specialized or customized vehicles


  • Kirsten Dzialga, Founder & President
  • Catherine Wallis, Executive Director
  • Mathew Dzialga, Associate Director
  • Molly Dzialga, Associate Director
  • Kathryn Dzialga, Associate Director