Families We've Helped

TeensGiv envisions a world where all of the needs of chronically and terminally ill children are met. We make it  priority to respond to applicants as quickly as possible and to try to fully understand each situation in order to provide the most helpful form of support/assistance. Types of assistance we have been able to provide include: 


Out of pocket medical expenses

TeensGiv covered unpaid medical bills for a 15-month old baby with a rare seizure disorder. Given the diagnosis, the recipient required multiple medications which were not fully covered by insurance.


TeensGiv has provided medical equipment to children that are dependent on the right equipment in order to complete everyday tasks such as showering, going up/down stairs or getting in/out of the house, going to/from therapy or the hospital, etc.


TeensGiv has helped to subsidize cost of living expenses for families that are struggling to make ends meet due to the financial and physical demands of their child's diagnosis. 

This situation has been extremely difficult for my family-physically, financially and emotionally. The support we have received from generous people such as yourself, has helped to keep us in our home, having the therapy he needs with us by his side.
- Mother of TeensGiv Recipient