TeensGiv provides assistance to terminally and chronically ill children, with a concentration in Fairfield and Westchester counties. TeensGiv does not discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion or illness and reserves the right to distribute funds at its sole discretion.

In order to apply for help, please download and complete the application provided below. All completed applications should be submitted via email at the email listed below. 

Once submitted, our Board will review your application and will likely contact you for backup documents/materials before making a final decision. Please note that the Board reviews all applications and does their best to provide an answer as quickly as possible. 

Email your completed application to: cw@teensgiv.org


1. All applications should be scanned and emailed to cw@teensgiv.org. Questions may be emailed to this email address as well.

2. Incomplete applications will not be considered. We reserve the right to request additional information if deemed necessary (invoices, tax info, doctor/social worker recommendations, etc.).

3. Subsequent applications for the same child within the same year may resubmit a copy of original application, noting any updated information and requests. 

4. Evidence of family’s financial situation includes tax returns, W2 or pay stubs. This information will not be needed with the initial application, but may be requested before a final decision is made.  Please remove all social security numbers from these documents.

5. We understand that bills are often past due when they are submitted (if this is a request being made by the applicant). The foundation reviews applications on an ongoing basis and provides its best efforts to review time sensitive applications as quickly as possible. It may take several weeks after an application is reviewed and approved for payment to reach the vendor and be applied.

6. The Board reserves the right to request all Government Assistance certificates for Section 8, SSI, Disability, Food Stamps, utility assistance, etc. before providing assistance.

7. Once the the request has been denied, that request we will not reconsidered.

8. We reserve the right to limit the total amount of giving to an individual family.